130 Years of Experience

The Company Müller + Wilisch was founded in 1884, as a Leather Producer.

Paul Wilisch, the Great-Grandfather of the present owner Walter Metzner, and his Business Partner Johannes Müller manufactured technologically innovative leather parts for the textile industry.



From Leather to Plastic

Some 50 years ago the processing of technical plastics was started. From early beginnings close contact was established with the Telecoms Division of Siemens; and with this demanding major customer, the company grew qualitatively as well. Today, the company has several different business pillars. Many customers from diverse branches of industry form a stable foundation.

Then and today, the company is privately owned. Walter Metzner, Master of Engineering Degree, heads the company as CEO and Owner, now in the 4th Generation.



Innovation and Quality

The focal point of manufacturing has moved in the last few decades towards Precision- and Medical-Technology: We design and produce high precision and very demanding products, which our customers expect to be manufactured here in Germany. Our customers appreciate the close communication with competent and reliable contact partners, as well as the on-time and flexible completion of their projects.