We format Plastics!

Injection moulded Technical Plastic Parts for Industry.

Developing Constructions, producing complicated shapes in the Mould, as well as running small batches and high volume blanket orders are our normal business. Together with you, we transform the initial idea to be ready for the manufacture of injection moulded parts. We can expand this to include assembly of complete modules. We supply precision parts to all sectors of industry and process all Thermoplastics.

Further processing of the injection moulded parts, such as printing, ultrasonic welding, gluing or assembling is with us in good, experienced hands. We look forward to you contacting us and would like to solve your problem

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An Overview of our Services:

+ Consultation, Design & Development, Construction
+ Tool Technology, Tool & Die Making, Fixture Construction
+ Processing of all technical synthetic materials, injection moulded up to 600 grams
+ Over moulding (insert moulding) of parts in small runs or in fully automated quantity orders
+ Finishing of the injection moulded parts – gluing, welding, printing, plasma treatment
+ Extensive assembly and suitable packaging
+ Owner operated business making clear and expeditious decisions