Innovation is our Motivation

We have, in cooperation with the Technical University Chemnitz, the Mechanical Engineering Faculty of the Polytechnic Würzburg-Schweinfurt and with our Business-Partner IWIS, participated in a research project – „Trockenlauf Kunststoff–Scharnierbandkette“ (dry running plastic hinge conveyor link). In so doing, a modified polymer was developed, that can be injection moulded into hinge links for use in low friction and wear-resistant applications, such as beverage bottling plants. This eliminates the use of liquid lubricants and reduces the required operating power. Our involvement was in the design and production of tools for these novel hinge links, as well as the production of the test samples.

You find further information regarding the Partners of this Research Project here:

The second research project, the development of heavy-duty drive elements for the materials-handling technology, is in the final stages: Aim of the project is to strengthen a base polymer with Aramid fibres in such a way, as to achieve a much higher mechanical load-bearing capacity than now. At the same time reducing friction and wear. Here too, we produce the steel mould and test samples.

A third research project is in the planning phase.